Innovation to address the global challenges

Chemkey believes that innovation and sustainability are the main driving force of the advance of human being. Chemkey will try its best to make a contribution to address the global challenges of human beings with our expertise in chemistry and materials. Chemkeys innovation will focus on meeting the higher requirements of growing global population for food, energy and protection to transfer the innovation from the laboratory to peoples life and make the world more safe, more  convenient and  more green with using  the power of chemistry.

Innovation with interdisciplinary integration

ChemKeys innovation emphasizes the crossing use of both new technologies and conventional chemistry methods, and constantly seek innovation and breakthrough through using a combination of chemistry and material science, nano technology, catalytic and biological technology and formula technology.

Chemkey Innovation Case study

For instance, our Kefrier 101 oil resistance agent, a product commercialized using in the pulp mold application, no solvents, use the easier degradable monomer as the raw materials rather than base on the telomer Chemistry. It does not contain perfluoro-octanyl acided (PFOA) and perfluoro-octanyl sulfonate (PFOS) and APEO nor it degrades into these substances when it comes to the environment. It is easier to degrade than traditional full fluoride carbon type anti-oil agent with straight molecule chain.

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