Who We Are

Chemkey aspires to be a leading supplier of high performance materials and solutions across a wide range of industries through the combination of its independent research and development and integrating the innovative products from partners worldwide. Chemkey develop and deliver creative, tailor-made, cutting-edge and sustainable products and solutions that can add the high value to our customers’ products and business. Chemkey is headquartered in Shanghai China, and currently operates 2 sales offices and one production plant in Zhejiang Province.

Chemkey hopes to be a preferred provider of barrier and protection solutions for various industries.Chemkey’s products serve diversified markets and applications including electronics, optic, lithium ion battery, paper, molded pulp, packaging, textile, leather, nonwoven, consuming product care, building, water treatment. Chemkey is committed to helping customers to develop new products and upgrade technologies in these areas with Chemkey’s technology advantage in fluorine chemistry, water based coating, biotech and nanotechnology and formulation technology. These products are supported by extensive technical expertise, industry knowledge and experience. Chemkey is your key to access advanced materials.

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