Chemkey‘s “Green Chemistry First” Concept

We take sustainability as an important criterion for new product research and development and advocate “green Chemistry” and “biobased materials”. We take more “positive and tolerant” attitude to green solutions and take the green chemicals as a preferred solution for our customers. Further more, we would like to conduct cooperation commercially or technically with the green Chemistry solution providers worldwide.

Implement the low carbon policy in operation

We have selected the investment projects carefully, and we will make an overall consideration of environmental and social factors when we are making investment decisions and planning new projects (such as the expected cost of carbon emissions). We positively improve the way of operation, and committed to the production of better, more environmentally friendly products to minimize the environmental impact of our operations and production. We will establish a set of comprehensive standards and requirements, which contain health, safety, security, environment and corporate social performance.

Cases reviewed how we make commitment to sustainability

Kefrier 101 oil&grease repellent

We provide the grease and oil resistance agent which have better safety and degradation performance for the molded pulp packaging application. There is no doubt that molded pulp packaging is more eco-friendly green packaging than “white trash” EPS (polystyrene foam).

Kexlan green barrier material

Our Kexlan green barrier material is an ideal substitution of plastic and metal barrier materials. Kexlan is based on the hemicellulose which is extracted from plant. It has superior functions of oxygen barrier, oil barrier and aroma barrier.  Kexlan can also be applied to develop green barrier packaging materials.


Nanocellulose is a sustainable high performance nano material of the next generation. Nanocellulose is primarily isolated from trees and other organisms; is naturally occurring polymeric materials that have demonstrated great promise for commercial applications across an array of industrial sectors, which is renewable and environmentally sustainable. Nanocellulose has great market potential in automotive, aerospace, construction, electronics, cosmetics, coatings and paint, food packaging, paperboard and packaging, specialty paper, and composites and polymer reinforcement. Chemkey is available to provide the lab scale samples to explore these potential applications with customers.

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