Cellulose Nanomaterials

  • Solutions for cellulose of nanomaterials

    Solutions for cellulose of nanomaterials

    Nanocellulose is a sustainable high performance nanomaterial of next generation. Its performance can even compete with carbon fiber and aramid fiber. The potential of nano-crystalline cellulose is extremely big, it can be used in diversified areas such as automobile, packing, pulp, plastic, medical treatment, textile, aerospace, military and strengthen material, etc. Chemkey could provide the lab sample of nano-crystalline cellulose and explore the potential application of it with the clients.

  • Cellulose nanofiber

    Cellulose nanofiber

  • Nano-crystalline cellulose

    Nano-crystalline cellulose

  • Microfibrillated cellulose

    Microfibrillated cellulose

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