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With the partners of specialty paper enterprises, Chemkey brings out some featured products e.g. Dragon Pattern Paper and Leather pattern Paper. These products could be used in developing various degradable high-grade and luxury packing paper products.

Dragon pattern paper

The origin of”dragon pattern paper”is due to the paper surface like a rivulet of "Dragon" in the cloud. Dragon pattern paper combines the excellent appearance with special textures and good hand feeling, which make it the perfect choice for luxury packaging and specialty packaging. Dragon pattern paper also has Good converting performance and printing performance. Dragon pattern paper can be used in food contacted packaging as well.


For example, Dragon pattern paper can be widely used in the packaging of tea, tea cake,tea bricks, food and medicinal herbs, ginseng, pilose antler, ginseng, food, wrapping paper, and other kinds of packaging paper and crafts, paintings, books, paper lanterns, umbrella, shades, fans, kites, packaging with moisture resistant and pest control, crafts, precision electronics packaging, craft gift box packaging.


Dragon pattern paper can be customized

Grammage: 14 - 220 g

Filament type and density: filament /Rayon / flat filament/etc

Imitation leather paper (water washing paper)


Leather like appearance

With extremely high strength

With flexible and soft hand feeling.

Washable and printable


Because Imitation leather paper has high stitched strength, strong wear resistance and good flexibility,it is particularly wear-resistant and durable. Imitation leather paper can be used for making bags, hand bags, clothing (jeans), signs, tags, paper card, high-end notebook cover, high end packaging etc.

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