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Kecote series products are the functional coating ( or sizing agent) with special blending. The products are specialised in dealing with some problematic issues in the development process of specialty paper such as printing problems, bonding problems of different substrates, barrier problems (water-proofing, oil-proofing and moisture-proofing) and processing problems.

Kecote series also includes customizable functional resins and emulsio products, these resins and emulsion can be used in special paper sizing, coating and impregnation process. These resins and emulsion include

Polyacrylic acid, acrylic,polyurethane, wax emulsions, such as styrene-butadiene Latex, styrene-acrylic latex.

Kecote V2200

Kecote V2200 provides very high levels of water resistance, excellent moisture resistance and good  grease resistance as well. Kecote V2200  is used extensively in food packaging, when diluted for mill application, it’s an economical sizing agent for all kinds of specailty papers with barrier effect requirements  

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