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Kefrier 100 series oil & Grease Repellent

Chemkey provides a comprehensive range of fluoro-carbon oil & grease repellents for pulp molding and paper industry,which cover C6, C8, none C6 or C8, ionic or nonionic, almost all types available in the market. KefrierTM is the exclusive brand of fluorochemicals belonged to Chemkey. 

KefrierTM 101

KefrierTM 101 is a new generation of environmentally-friendly oil & grease repellent with cost saving advantage.This product uses the new type monomer as the raw materials rather than base on the telomer Chemistry.It does not contain perfluoro-ctanyl acided (PFOA) and perfluoro-octanyl sulfonate (PFOS) and APEO nor it degrades into these substances when it comes to the environment. It is easier to degrade than traditional full fluoride carbon type anti-oil agent with straight molecule chain.It is a cost effective alternative to traditional telomer Chemistry based C8 or C6 product. And KefrierTM 101 is especially suitable for pulp molding application.

Regulation Status of KefrierTM101

— Pass FDA test(US FDA 21CFR 176.170

— Pass GB15193.3-2003 China toxicological assessment on food safety

— SGS perfluoro-octanyl acided (PFOA) and perfluoro-octanyl sulfonate (PFOS) tests

KefrierTM 102

KefrierTM 102 is a C6 based product designed to impart oil and grease resistance to pulp molding,paper and paperboard products of food contact packaging.KefrierTM 102 imparts excellent water and oil repellency to pulp molding,paper and paperboard. It prevents penetration in products such as take out trays, picnic plates,soup bowls and specialty molded applications. 

KefrierTM 103

KefrierTM 103 is C8 based and can be used in the specialty papers with grease or oil requirements for industry used purpose. KefrierTM 103 is  not recommended to use in food contact related applications.

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