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Comprehensive product portofolio in Fluorocarbon finishes for textile

Fluorocarbon finishes are the most important repellents of stains and dirt used on clothes, carpets,upholstery, draperies, leather and other household fabrics. They have been dubbed, "One of the 10 textile miracles that make the world modern."

With developing of economy and improving of living qualities, patterns of people's behaviors in their leisure time are getting multiplex. Consumer demands for better protection and cleaning properties are therefore constantly increasing, leading brands and retailers to look for the better way to provide easy care and long life for all kind of fabrics. 

Chemkey’s fluorocarbon based finishing agents including the type  with latest C6 chemistry can provide water, oil, alcohol, solvent repellency, and additionally chemical resistance to all kind of fabrics.Chemkey's products portfolio includes:

C6 general purpose product

C8 general purpose product

C8  general purpose product with washing durablity

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