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“Kefrier MP”,Chemkey launched a new product for consuming products care

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June 9, 2016,Shanghai ,Chemkey, a high performance materials and solutions company launched a new consuming care products Kefrier MP.Kefrier MP is a multifunctional product developed by ChemKey with novel nano technology, which can be widely used in the growing areas of consuming care, household care. Kefrier MP is the first commercial product in the consuming care products.

Kefrier MF uses latest formula with the safety materials that are PFOS and APEO free. It can create the chemical barrier effect which has multiple functions include water proofing, oil proofing, anti-fouling and antiaging. This product can be used in a variety of applications including textile, clothes, shoes, automotive interior, outdoor equipments, housing fiber and leather product.

The surface energy of substrates treated by Kefrier MF can be reduced to 13mN/m (the real oil barrier effect can be taken place only when the surface energy of substrates  lower 13mN/m) and render the substrates  super-hydrophobic surfaces with magic chemical barrier effect in  water, oil and fouling proofing. Further more, Kefrier MP will not destroy the original properties such as air permeability, color and hand feeling.


About Chemkey

Chemkey aims to be a leading supplier of performance materials and solutions across a wide range of industries through the combination of its independent research and development and integrating the innovative products from partners worldwide. Chemkey’s products serve diversified markets and applications including electronics, optic, lithium ion battery, paper, molded pulp, packaging, textile, leather, nonwoven, consuming product care, building, water treatment. Chemkey is headquartered in Shanghai China, and currently operates 2 sales offices and one production plant in Zhejiang Province.

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