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Chemkey exhibited two paper-based packaging materials in Inno Pack China 2016

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Inno Pack China pharmaceutical packaging materials is top exhibition of the year 2016 in the Asia-Pacific region, held in Shanghai from June 21-23rd, Chemkey exhibited two paper-based packaging materials "Dragon pattern paper" and "imitation leather paper" in Inno Pack.The two products of Chemkey are based on renewable natural fiber materials, combined the functionality and appearance in a special texture, and can be customized according to customer specific needs, which make it very suitable for the development of "green" luxury and special packaging.

Luxury and special packaging is served for luxury brands, and the packaging of luxury products is part of the luxury brand image. Studies have shown that if the packaging looks attractive and luxury, consumers are willing to spend more money on their products. In addition to the added value of the product itself, luxurious packaging also played other roles, such as improving brand image, customized consumer identity, functional, creating engaging and differentiated product appearance.


Globally, luxury and special packaging market continues to grow, some global trends such as personalized packaging, sustainability concerns, driven by economic and population growth in the luxury market. According to smithers pira data, estimated that by 2019 a staggering $ 17.6 billion from a luxury market, the average annual growth rate of 4.4%, consumption will reach 9.9 billion tons with annual growth rate of 3.1%.


About Chemkey

Chemkey aims to be a leading supplier of performance materials and solutions across a wide range of industries through the combination of its independent research and development and integrating the innovative products from partners worldwide. Chemkey’s products serve diversified markets and applications including electronics, optic, lithium ion battery, paper, molded pulp, packaging, textile, leather, nonwoven, consuming product care, building, water treatment. Chemkey is headquartered in Shanghai China, and currently operates 2 sales offices and one production plant in Zhejiang Province. 

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