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Chemkey Joined in Alibaba B2B e-commercial platform

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July 14, 2016, as a high technology company specialized in high-performance materials & solutions, in order to meet the diversified needs of customers especially small batch quantity purchase requirements of customers, Chemkey recently joined Alibaba's online trading platform.Chemkey 1688 shop will make the company's operation more flexible and diversified, and this online platform will be more product-oriented and focuses on the interaction with the customers.

The first batch products that will be going on line include Chemkey’s core products Kefrier series of oil& grease repellent, Kefrier MP waterproof spray, a direct end-consumer-oriented B2C product, nano-cellulose materials which can meet the needs of enterprise research and development in laboratory scale.In addition to these carefully selected products, Chemkey is also actively developing chemical and functional materials-related expanded services, such as laboratory instruments customized services, high-end packaging and luxury materials customized services. These products and customized services is an important step of Chemkey to continuously make the efforts to meet the diversified needs of customers.

Chemkey Alibaba shop will maximize customer convenience of purchases and receives customer messages directly and correctly as the goal through specialized operations to improve customer experience.The new Chemkey online store is optimized for viewing on all devices including tablets and smartphones, and visitors have the option of using Alipay, a safe and secure online payment platform. Chemkey will continue to launch more products and customized services in this online platform, for complete and up-to-date information regarding Chemkey’s products and services available online, please follow Chemkey Alibaba shop for more updates.

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About Chemkey

Chemkey aims to be a leading supplier of performance materials and solutions across a wide range of industries through the combination of its independent research and development and integrating the innovative products from partners worldwide. Chemkey’s products serve diversified markets and applications including electronics, optic, lithium ion battery, paper, molded pulp, packaging, textile, leather, nonwoven, consuming product care, building, water treatment. Chemkey is headquartered in Shanghai China, and currently operates 2 sales offices and one production plant in Zhejiang Province.

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