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CNIBF2016 highlights the new energy vehicles, power batteries and charging posts

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The lithium battery industry has great opportunities with the development of the EV industry orbit transportation, energy storage, space communications and smart grid. China is set to pass the US and become the world's largest market for new energy vehicles this year. The 2016 China International Battery Industry Fair (CNIBF) is the largest Lithium Battery Industry Fair in China and highlights the three areas, new energy vehicles, power batteries and charging posts.


Statistics show China domestic new-energy auto production and sales in the first half year of 2016 increase 125% and 127% respectively compare to the same period of 2015,and the total revenues of the battery industry is more than 230 billion RMB with an increase of approximately 17%.


Chemkey took this occasion to approach the potential partners and discussed the cooperation in application of fluorochemicals in ithium battery as additives. The energy density, life, tolerance performance at high and low temperature and stability are the core performance index. Chemkey KefrierTM 600 series lithium battery additives, which can be added into electrolytic liquid formula of lithium ion battery, can effectively improve discharge performance of lithium battery including high and low temperature tolerance performance, and Circulation rate and so on.


About Chemkey

Chemkey aspries to be a leading supplier of performance materials and solutions across a wide range of industries through the combination of its independent research and development and integrating the innovative products from partners worldwide. Chemkey’s products serve diversified markets and applications including electronics, optic, lithium ion battery, paper, molded pulp, packaging, textile, leather, nonwoven, consuming product care, building, water treatment. Chemkey is headquartered in Shanghai China, and currently operates 2 sales offices and one production plant in Zhejiang Province.  

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